Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can't wait to get a vacation

I sitting here just thinking about what it will be like to finally get a vacation im a couple months after everyone else gets to take theirs. I really need a vacation. Now I just have to decide where to take a vacation at. I could go to Lake Casitas like I always do or I could go to Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas. I just need to get away from work and my phone which is on 24/7. Well where ever I decide to go I will have a blast and end up drinking and letting go for a week or two. I just have to wait till August to take my vacation.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rebutal on the movie Knowing

I have to say I completely disagree with my wife. This was a great movie. I would tell ever one who likes sci fi alien movies to see it. The whispering people were a little creepy. Jen just doesn't like these kind of movies just like horror movies or most horror movies. I can wait to see it again when it comes out on Blu Ray dvd. Now I only have a week or so till fast and furious comes out april 3rd. And then later this year Harry Potter. I still have to see last house on the left and a haunting in conneticuit both of these are going to be awesome I can't wait. I also have to see the movie my wife thought we were going to see. Which I'm not sure how that happened because I told her we were going to see knowing. Oh well maybe I said one thing and was thinking the other.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm So Bored

Have ever had one of those days where you have absolutely nothing to do. Well today is that day for me. I can't believe how incredible bored I am. It has been raining for most of the day now and I love it. I just want to go play in the rain and get my truck and go to El Rio where one of my co workers lives and go driving through the huge lakes on his street all the streets over there get flooded and take at least a week to dry out after it stops raining. I wish it was 5pm already and I was going home so I can do something. What I really need to do is go to the snow to bad I can't go to Tahoe. I just need to get away from everything and take a nice relaxing weekend away with Jen. I just need to go to Lake Tahoe so I can gamble and drink and for once shut this phone off so I can actually spend so quality time with my wife and if we go to Tahoe we can visit with Meaghan and Ryan. I still need to go to Bakersfield to see our friends Julie and Jose. We haven't seen them in a while now and I really miss them. We always had such a good time when we would get together. Now it seems we don't do anything and don't have any more friends to even talk to. What the heck happened. Oh well I'm going to shut up for now and find something to keep me occupied.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just found out Matt didn't pass his leak test today so they might have to go back in for surgery again I will know more soon but it seemed the surgery went fine and all he had to do was pass this test so he could go home tonight. Matt has just been in alot of pain from what I understand and now he can't have pain medicine until they figure out if he has to go back into surgery. As soon as I know more I will update this .Ok here is the update supposedly it was the technican who said he saw fluid and the doctor checked it and he passed so he should be fine. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am so Excited

Like I said on my last post I love Horror movies and this Friday one of my favorite all time movies has been remade Friday The 13th. I can't wait to see this movie and see how bloody and gorey they make it. I figure as long as 6 people die in this movie it should be a good movie. After all what makes a good horror movie is lots of death, blood, and gore. I decided I will wait till Monday to go watch it so I can see it for free with my passes from John my father in law. I decided I will take Jesse one of my co workers to see it with me since he likes horror movies. It's going to be awesome.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a Great Night

Well I decided I would go watch a movie last night while Jen was watching the to kids (Todd and Emily). I even left work early so I could get to the 5:10pm showing of Underworld :Rise of the Lycans and it was well worth it. That was an awesome movie with all the blood and people getting eaten by the werewolves. The movie basically explains the what happened before the first 2 movies. I was action packed through out the whole movie. I love movies like this the more blood and death the better the movie. Later on that night after we had all eaten dinner and watched American Idol I had to have more blood and violence so I decided to put in Saw V. It was really funny when I told Todd to go to sleep and that he wouldn't want to watch the movie because he won't sleep if he did. So Emi and I started to watch it and Todd decided he couldn't help but watch so Emi and just had a good laugh when people started dieing in the first 5 minutes of the movie. The first guy to die gets cut in half by a pendulm isn't it great.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How I love teenagers

Well this could turn out to be an interesting week with Todd and Emily here. Who knows it could be fun or I might just want to shoot them by the end of the week. So far it's been real fun screaming at them to get up in the morning. I think the first kid to not get up tomorrow is getting doused with water and we'll see how fast they get up then. I have gotten the pleasure of taking them to school the last two days and rocking out in the car to smashing pumpkins and offspring. mostly to wake up myself. I have got to get to bed earlier so I can get the kids up. Seeing Ventura High sure doesn't make me miss school at all I hated school and couldn't wait for it to be over. Soon the kids will be out of high school and might start taking care of themselves instead of being lazy and expecting everyone else to take care of them.They don't know how to cook, do laundry, or pick up after themselves, or even clean. Can somebody please help me..